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Got Questions? We've got answers. Get the most out of Intake by understanding how it works and how you can use it to your advantage. Nose breathing is essential! We help you do it.


Who is Intake for?

Everyone. If you snore, have trouble sleeping, wake up with a dry mouth, or want to boost your workouts — try Intake. Trust us.  Actually, we considered ourselves pretty good at breathing through our nose—until we tried Intake, and realized there was

Will it help my snoring?

Our users say it’s “life changing”. Intake was designed to hold up to the most intense workouts and conditions, and that’s what makes it SO effective for nightly wear. Our two part system and size range means your nose will be held open more than you

What about for my workouts?

Absolutely!. Nose breathing during activity is more important than you may think. Nose breathing has been proven to boost oxygen absorption, lower your heart rate, optimize performance, and so much more. Intake is suitable for the vast majority of sp

Nasal Breathing

Why should I wear this?. Breathing exclusively through your nose has been scientifically proven to be superior to breathing through your mouth, particularly during strenuous exercise. So why have we all heard “in through the nose, out through the mou

What's the cost difference?

Why do we cost more?. Because we are better. It’s pretty obvious — Nasal Strips are basically bandaids. They’re flimsy, single use, and since you’re here reading this you probably agree… they don’t work that well. Intake is made from high quality Nyl

How it works

Do the magnets go inside your nose?. Yikes! This is America, not Dante’s Inferno. Intake sits comfortably on the outside of your nose. The magnets are secured on the ends of the reusable Band, and the breathing Tabs (which contain the steel disk the

Why magnets?

No, they're not just shiny. The magnetic aspect of Intake is simply the best way we could find for the product to hold on to the nose without being a single strip (like a common nasal strip). We tried velcro and all sorts of things to keep the rigid

Intake vs. Nasal Strips

Intake doesn’t fall off. Intake’s two-part design allows longer wear time than nasal strips—it won’t come off while you’re sleeping, and it won’t come off while you’re exercising. Here’s how the design helps Intake achieve longer wear: when you wear

How Intake helps

I breathe pretty well, would this still help?. YES! In fact, most of us at Intake breathe well through our noses without aid—and we’ve seen such a big difference while using Intake that we can’t imagine exercising without it. Here’s what we’ve learne

Color options

Does the Band come in different colors?. We originally designed our Bands in black due to its non-reflective nature, similar to Eye Black that football and baseball players use. We have since come out with a pure white that we are so excited to launc