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How it worksUpdated 4 months ago

Do the magnets go inside your nose?

Yikes! This is America, not Dante’s Inferno. Intake sits comfortably on the outside of your nose. The magnets are secured on the ends of the reusable Band, and the breathing Tabs (which contain the steel disk the magnet attaches to) are designed to adhere to the outer skin on your nose, just above each nostril. If you’re someone who has searched high and low for a nose-breathing solution and ended up having to settle for sticking something up your nose, don’t worry: Intake is comfortable and noninvasive.

Is this another snake oil gimmick?

No. Intake is honestly just a simple, genius (if we do say so ourselves), little product that is changing people’s lives. Intake opens your nose so you can breathe clearly and your body does the rest! 

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