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Will it help my snoring?Updated a year ago

Our users say it’s “life changing”

Intake was designed to hold up to the most intense workouts and conditions, and that’s what makes it SO effective for nightly wear. Our two part system and size range means your nose will be held open more than you’ve ever felt, and it will stay that way until you take it off.  Not only has it been described by our Members as “life changing”, it has also been said to save marriages. We stand by our product. If you’re not happy with it within the first 30 days of use we will give you your money back.*

Will Intake help with snoring and sleep?

There are many different reasons why one might snore or have trouble sleeping, so we hesitate to definitively say yes to this question. However, we have thousands of users report incredible benefits to wearing Intake to sleep, including huge reductions or complete silence from snoring, deeper sleep, and, in some cases, even relief from sleep apnea*. 

* Note: you should always consult your doctor when seeking medical or health-related advice. Intake does not recommend that you stop the use of any doctor-recommended products that may be helping you breathe, such as a CPAP machine. If you would like to try Intake to replace any current doctor recommended or prescribed breathing aid, please check with your doctor first to be sure it is safe.

*Note: Our money-back guarantee only applies to the Intake Starter Kit. If you purchase a subscription or membership with us we do not offer refunds. 

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