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How Long Does It Take To Work?Updated a year ago

Give your body some time 


It takes time for your body to adjust to a new breathing method. We’ve found that 3 to 4 full workouts with Intake seems to be the magic number for the body to begin adjusting to nasal breathing. After that time, you’ll see a substantial difference in your endurance and recovery. You’ll reap the most benefits with continued use. It helps to practice first without Intake: try incorporating nose-breathing into a couple of workouts to build physical recognition of nasal breathing, and then try it with Intake. If you’re trying Intake, it’s probably because you have been mouth-breathing your whole life. Give your body a chance to adjust and be patient! 


Similar to our advice for exercising with Intake, seeing results with your snoring or sleep quality can also take some time. Some people see results after the first use, and some may take several nights to see the difference. This is because your body has been used to breathing through its mouth for so long that it may need some time to adjust to an open nose. Our advice is to keep it up! The more you let your body adjust to nose breathing, the less it will mouth breathe. 

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