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Are you having trouble with the Tabs sticking?Updated 3 months ago

Are you having trouble getting the tabs so stick?

    In this FAQ I will provide some info that has helped me with my skin and getting the best out of my wear of tabs and bands that is relevant across all skin types. 

    My name is Charley. I'm our Senior Customer Support Representative here at Intake. I am also a licensed Cosmetologist in the state of California who has worked in both the hair and skin industries with a decade of experience. I use my Intake Bands almost every day for both sleep and exercise. I run with my bands outside in the California heat. I've gone from wearing my bands all day at work to a long run without reapplying new tabs. 

    To understand our tabs is to understand our skin. Most of the populace uses skin screens daily. Sunscreen is a protective barrier. By design, sunscreen is one of the main things between our skin and the harsh environmental conditions that can affect our skin negatively and permanently. Sunscreen makes it a significant challenge to stick or hold onto the skin. Sunscreen is a very oil-based lotion that adds to the oils our skin already produces.  The best way to ensure that any protective or treatment products stand between your skin and the tabs is by removing that protective layer and then cleansing the skin. Meaning we wash our face twice. I know this is an extra step, but trust me! It makes a huge difference. 

Step 1: Double-cleanse the skin to remove sunscreens, topical lotions, makeup, etc. Then, cleanse the skin.

Step 2: Use an alcohol wipe to remove any excess oils left in the pores

Step 3: Apply Tabs

    The first wash removes the protective product, makeup, or anything lying on top of our skin. The second wash cleans our skin. The second wash will remove any excess oils, bacteria, and impurities that get clogged in our pores. Once we have the skin clean, we can go through with our alcohol wipes and dry out the area where we place our tabs. When we apply our tabs this way, we leave nothing behind on our skin that will irritate or get in the way of the adhesive letting go of the skin used to.  

    Removing our tabs is a little different. I've worn our product a great deal and spent many hours experimenting to see what the tab and our skin can handle. We know what the tabs can hold, so we can now talk about what our skin needs to be able to wear it frequently. 

When removing the tabs, we are going in reverse from the application steps.

Step 1: Peel off tabs.

Step 2: Use an alcohol wipe to remove any leftover adhesive from Tabs.

Step 3: Cleanse skin and apply skincare routine, hydrator, moisturizer, or mask.

These few steps may take a few minutes longer but will get you all-day results with your tabs and bands. 

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