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I'm still snoringUpdated a year ago

Let’s talk about snoring

Snoring can be hard to stop. Most people snore chronically, meaning that every night, "no matter what", they are being shaken awake by their partner and told to shut it (literally). If you’re utilizing Intake to help your snoring and you feel like it’s not working, here are some reasons why that may be. 

1. Give it some time 

For some people putting Intake on the first night completely eliminates their snoring. For others, snoring can be caused by other reasons besides difficulty nose breathing, and you may need to supplement Intake with other solutions to teach your body how to breathe correctly.  If you just started using Intake please give it at least a couple weeks of consistent use before deciding it doesn’t work for you. 

2. I have given it a couple weeks and it’s still not working 

If you are still not seeing the results you are looking for it’s probably because there is more at play here than just difficulty nose breathing. Snoring happens when your mouth opens and you start mouth breathing. It could be that your bed slopes down at a slight angle, that you have the wrong pillow, that you have been drinking alcohol before bed, that you have allergens in your room, or you have or are starting to be at risk for sleep apnea. We usually recommend that you try a mouth tape or chin strap to keep your mouth from opening, while continuing to use Intake to hold your nose open. If the problem persists we recommend seeing a Doctor who specializes in sleep. While your partner may be affected by your snoring- you are too! 

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