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Intake vs. Nasal StripsUpdated 2 years ago

Intake doesn’t fall off  

Intake’s two-part design allows longer wear time than nasal strips—it won’t come off while you’re sleeping, and it won’t come off while you’re exercising. Here’s how the design helps Intake achieve longer wear: when you wear a nasal strip, you’re relying on the adhesive to both open your nose and stick to your skin. Because the adhesive has to do two jobs, it loses its effectiveness fairly quickly. With Intake, the adhesive just has to stay stuck, while the Band does the work of opening your nose.

Intake opens your nose wider

Intake can open your nose up to 70% wider than disposable nasal strips.  Intake is a strong, rigid Band that comfortably holds your nose open to a fixed point using your choice of our six available sizes. Nasal strips, on the other hand, collapse upon inhale and don’t hold your nose open as wide.

Intake doesn’t pull your skin off  

Nasal strips used to pull the skin off the bridge of our nose… they were painful and left our nose red and irritated. Intake won’t do that. The Band that we use pulls from medical grade adhesive that gently holds to the sides of your nose. The way that the magnets hold to the tabs keeps the pull centered, so your skin isn’t fighting the adhesive the whole time you’re wearing it. 

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