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Intake is a two-party system. If the tabs aren't placed properly, or you don't have the correct size, you're not going to experience Intake at its best. Click here to troubleshoot why your Band may be causing discomfort and steps to take.

How To Properly Place Your Tabs

How do I make sure my Tabs are placed correctly?. Once you get the hang of things, applying your Intake Tabs becomes a breeze. But, until you get It right, Intake may not have the effect we promise. This video takes you step by step through the Tab a

The Band is pushing on the bridge of my nose

It’s all about placement and size. Please read the article below for helpful information regarding band application. Intake works when applied correctly. If the band is pushing on the bridge of your nose and causing an indent or discomfort — we’ve go

Finding Your Size

Finding the right size for you is easy! Your Kit comes with the middle four out of the six that Intake offers. Watch this video for a visual on how to find your size. Here are some helpful tips on applying your Tabs and finding the correct size Band