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How To Properly Place Your TabsUpdated a year ago

How do I make sure my Tabs are placed correctly?

Once you get the hang of things, applying your Intake Tabs becomes a breeze. But, until you get It right, Intake may not have the effect we promise. This video takes you step by step through the Tab application process. 

Using the applicator, make sure you’re applying your Tabs in the right direction, with the cutout facing your cheek, the flat side parallel to the bridge of your nose, and the steel disk sitting just over the curve of your nostril. Once you’ve found the right placement, press each Tab into your skin for several seconds to seal the adhesive and prevent any air pockets. Always use proper application!

Applying the Tabs to clean dry skin is also important so the adhesive can effectively work its magic. Since the Tabs are sweat-wicking, they need a clean canvas to work. Thoroughly clean your nose with an alcohol wipe, our prep wipes, or non-moisturizing soap and water, and let it dry before placing your Tabs. The adhesive won’t be compromised with any additional moisture or oil.

If you’re applying the Tabs properly to a clean, dry nose and they’re still coming off, try sizing down to a smaller Band size (Bands that are too large will pull harder on the Tabs, making them more likely to peel off before you want them to).

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