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The Band is pushing on the bridge of my noseUpdated a year ago

It’s all about placement and size. 

Please read the article below for helpful information regarding band application.

Intake works when applied correctly. If the band is pushing on the bridge of your nose and causing an indent or discomfort — we’ve got good news… it’s completely fixable. Intake is a two-part system. You have the Tabs, and you have the Band. These two pieces have to work together to hold your nose open comfortably. 

If the band is pushing on your nose, it’s usually because the Tabs are placed too close to your face and not enough on your nose. Move the Tabs in accordance with the Application Video, and you should be good to go! If not, the second issue could be the Band size. If you didn’t use the size guide to determine your size, contact our customer service so we can help you get the size you need. 

Remember- the Band needs to reach the Tabs to stay on, so if they are too far apart, the Band is forced to stretch over the bridge of your nose to reach them. Move the Tabs in a little to relieve that stretch.  Still, need help? We offer free face-to-face (digitally) customer service calls with real people in our office who can help. Sometimes it's nice to have someone walk you through the problem. Follow this link to schedule a time to chat. 

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