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Why do the Kits come with four differently sized bands?

Our Starter Kits now include four sizes of bands. A S2, M1, M2 and L1. We've learned a couple of things based on feedback from our test phase users. One is that most people can fit comfortably within a range of sizes and like to try at least two befo

I'm wearing the Band with other gear, like cycling glasses or goggles. Will this affect the size I need?

If you're wearing Intake for high-impact activity, or in a sport that requires goggles or glasses, we recommend sizing down. A smaller size Band will create less pull on the adhesive Tabs, making the Band more likely to stay put. Of course, your mile

I'll likely be using the Kit only for sleep, or low-impact exercise. Which size would be best for me?

If you'll primarily be using Intake for sleep or lower-impact activities (for instance, a moderate gym set), we recommend  choosing your normal size or even sizing up - the larger sized Bands are less convex, meaning they'll pull our nostrils open wi