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I'll likely be using the Kit only for sleep, or low-impact exercise. Which size would be best for me?Updated 2 years ago

If you'll primarily be using Intake for sleep or lower-impact activities (for instance, a moderate gym set), we recommend  choosing your normal size or even sizing up - the larger sized Bands are less convex, meaning they'll pull our nostrils open wider and allow greater airflow. However, this also means they'll pull harder on the adhesive Tabs, meaning you'll potentially get less run time out of the Tabs. You will learn quickly if your skin takes well to adhesive and you are able to use a larger size, or if your skin prefers the use a size that is more "perfect" for your nose. If you'll just be using the Bands for sleep, it's best to opt for a slightly larger size first to ensure you have access to the most airflow.

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