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Buy with Prime

What is Buy with Prime?

So what is it?. Buy with Prime offers U.S.-based customers to order straight from our website with the same Amazon experience you are familiar with. There is a blue Buy with Prime bar just beneath our green "Add to Cart" button to the right of each p

Am I able to apply Intake Discount Codes to my BWP order?

No discount codes can be applied to a Buy with Prime order. Please note that any Intake discount codes can only be used when purchasing items through our store website.

Can I order BWP internationally?

At this time Buy with Prime does not support international orders. We're currently looking into making international shipping an option for our customers. We understand that there's a demand for it, and we want to make sure we're meeting the needs of

BWP Return Policy

Buy with Prime has its own return policy and return process. You must follow the Amazon Prime return policy. You can initiate that process through your order confirmation email received. You will receive a free return label to drop off your package a