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Intake Breathing Technology LLC - Patents

Intake has developed a nose-breathing system that has found widespread commercial appeal. As part of the development of our nose-breathing system, Intake has obtained patent protection on several aspects of the technology.

Patent NumberIssue DateTitlePDF LinkAssignee
US10729575B22020-08-04Eyewear system for securing lens on a user's nose and dilating user's noseUS10729575B2Intake Breathing Technology, LLC
US10675174B22020-06-09Breathing systemUS10675174B2Intake Breathing Technology, LLC
US10556095B22020-02-11Google breathing systemUS10556095B2Intake Breathing Technology, LLC
US10137027B22018-11-27Nasal applique and related applicator for applying applique to a nose of a wearerUS10137027B2Intake Breathing Technology, LLC
US10137028B22018-11-27Eyewear system for securing lens on a user's nose and dilating user's noseUS10137028B2Intake Breathing Technology, LLC
US9675493B22017-06-13Goggle breathing systemUS9675493B2Intake Breathing Technology, LLC
USD0780915S2017-03-07Nasal appliqueUSD0780915SIntake Breathing Technology, LLC
US9510969B22016-12-06Nasal element for a breathing systemUS9510969B2Intake Breathing Technology, LLC
US9283106B22016-03-15Breathing systemUS9283106B2Intake Breathing Technology, LLC

U.S. patents listed in the spreadsheet are associated with corresponding foreign patents and patent applications. Further Patents Pending.


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