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How is Intake making this world a better place?Updated a year ago

We can’t be a wellness company if we don’t also look out for the wellness of our planet. We feel like it’s up to manufacturers and businesses like us to help make environmentally conscious practices the norm, not simply a bonus that looks good on a marketing insert. Here are the steps we’ve taken to make sure Intake leaves the smallest footprint possible. We’re always looking for better solutions, so expect this list to be updated as we incorporate new, better methods.

  • Our refill plan is made up of all recyclable materials, so you can feel good about using it while also helping to reduce waste and protect the planet. 
  • Our reusable travel case is made with sustainable materials to reduce unnecessary packaging. We believe in taking steps towards sustainability and protecting the environment, which is why we have included this thoughtful addition in our starter kit. 
  • Recyclable: Though we’re not fans of plastic, its durability and light weight made it the best option for our Travel Case and Band. Most of our components are recyclable, so should they break or become unusable, you can recycle them rather than throwing them out.

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